A turning air mattress is a must-have for bed patients suffering from a variety of disease requiring them to have assistance in turning and shifting their body degree .
While lying in bed, Without this capability, a long list of health problems can occur, including bed (or pressure) sores, breakdown of skin tissue and infections affecting various internal organs. 
A turning air mattress, also known as a lateral rotation therapy mattress, provides regular lateral movement of the user through the use of air pressure to create an angled plane that causes the body to turn about 30 degree.

Dimension : 201*93*15cm
Weight : 7.6kgs
Cell height / quantity : 6" / 20 cells
Maximum patient weight : 150kgs
Cell material : 70D
Cover material : light blue breathable stretch PU
Base cover material: black nylon + PU
Alternating model : 3 way
Features / Function:
Bed sore prevention
Skin massage
Enhance blood circulation
Antimicrobial silver-ion + Nylon /PU cover (optional)
Fire Retardant Two- directional Stretch Cover (optional)
Lateral rotation
Low Air Loss (optional)
Zipper-All-Around Cover
CPR Valves/ straps
Pillow function (optional)
Have a cool high permeability
Anti- bacterial and anti- mildew (optional)
Reduce moisture and heat accumulation.
Good ductility, high durability
No deformation of the characteristics
Minimal operating and ambient noise